Consultancy for energy procurement, energy saving and sustainability issues

Hellemans Consultancy is the manager of energy issues on financial, technical and organisational matters. Our team of professionals assists you with the purchase of energy, advice on procurement strategies and risk analyses. We also offer administrative support, energy monitoring, implementation of energy-saving plans, feasibility studies and advice on greening and sustainable solutions.  We have a passion for our profession and do everything we can to advise and support our clients in a sustainable and responsible way.


Independence, expertise and reliability

With an annual purchasing volume of about 5 billion kWh of electricity and 1 billion m3 of natural gas, Hellemans Consultancy is the largest energy procurement consulting firm in the Netherlands. We have years of experience guiding the largest energy collectives. As an energy manager we offer clarity and understanding in energy procurement, energy saving and sustainability issues. We stand for independence, expertise and reliability.


We have a very diverse clientele: from small and medium-sized enterprises, purchasing cooperatives, organizations in the health care and education, government institutions to large industrial groups and business service providers.


Operations abroad

Our services are not limited to Netherlands. Hellemans Consultancy is also internationally active allowing us organizations with branches abroad the best possible service. Hellemans Consultancy is located in Den Dolder, Waregem (B) and Offenburg (D).



Hellemans Consultancy Nederland B.V.

Hellemans Consultancy Belgie BVBA

En-Concept Duitsland GmbH