Hellemans Energy Advice Consultancy

Reliable and independent

Hellemans Consultancy has been operating since 1997 in the energy market.  We specialise in managing and advising clients in the purchase of energy.  Our professional team works with clients to identify and realise substantial cost savings.  We have a passion for our profession and do everything we can to advise and support our clients.   


Energy Services

In addition to energy procurement, we offer many other services in the energy field.  We are active in the business market with a wide range of clients from small and medium sized enterprises, buying groups, health care and (semi) public institutions to large (industrial) companies with offices at home and abroad.   

Foreign Operations

Our services are not limited to The Netherlands.  Hellemans Consultancy is also active internationally and has shares in other energy consultancies within Europe.  This allows us to provide an optimal service to clients with operations abroad. 



Hellemans Consultancy Nederland B.V.

Hellemans Consultancy Belgie BVBA

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